My name is Carlene Oleksyn.

I have been a practicing pharmacist for over 25 years. I am currently the pharmacy owner/clinical pharmacist at Mint Health + Drugs Meridian in Stony Plain, Alberta.  

I am passionate about my own learning as well as facilitating meaningful learning experiences for others.  This has led me on the path of practice change as well as teaching and consulting.

Technology and connecting with other professionals around the world has led not only to a resurgence in my own learning, but also to innovating and evolving my own practice in primary care with an focus on advocating for excellence in patient centered care.

My company colekPharm Consulting, is where I offer consulting services in medical/pharmacy continuing education as well as in the area of practice change. I am regularly involved in development of educational programs for pharmacists and present to pharmacists across the country which keeps me in an ever growing trajectory of personal learning and growth.

colekPharm is an extension of where my clinical practice meets my passion for education. Thanks for stopping by.

I can also be found on my personal blog An Examined Life and at @colekpharm on Twitter.  


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